Building CCVC words

This weeks spelling focus is ccvc words (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant). We started off with listing all the vowels and consonants. I then gave them an example of a ccvc word on the board. Next, I read the students Mr McGee and the Biting Flea. Their first challenge was to find the ccvc words in the book! They managed to find quite a few, some that even had another consonant on the end. In their reading groups they had either build, match or find ccvc words. They had a ball, they didn’t want to stop!




Mad about multiplication

We are nearing the end of our multiplication unit but not before we have some more fun! Some students were working on building cities out of arrays while others were working on making equal groups. Either way, we all had a blast. The 1/2 classes have all built arrays on buildings. Our unit is now alive with arrays!





Arrays, arrays, arrays.

We are learning all about multiplication in maths at the moment. We have done lots of work in groups of objects, now we are moving on to arrays. Our whole class helped to make an array of 4 groups of 3 or 4×3.


The student had to organise our bookshelf so we could count how many books we had in the most effective way. Hooray for arrays.

Inquiry Projects

In 1B last term we learned all about being sustainable. One thing we learned about was the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling materials so we didn’t have so much rubbish! The students were set a task, in groups they were to reuse recyclable items to build something. They had their thinking caps on and let their imaginations run wild.

Abdullah, Anokin and Nina hard at work adding some finishing touches to their rocket car. 

Yousef, Noor and Alex proudly showing off their creation. They were so happy they had to dab about it.

The finished product.

Aaron, Ahmad, Adam and Weam showing their different creations. 

Friday Fun

In 1B we work very hard all during the week. On Friday afternoons we like to get out our blocks and practice building, draw pictures, play games and just have fun. We don’t call it Friday Fun for nothing. The students get to choose an activity to do (with educational value, of course), I like to put some music on for the kids and we just have plain old fun. The students practice building and stacking, they use their imaginations to draw pictures or write stories, they practice their cooperative skills by working with others and much, much more. Here are some photos taken during a Friday Fun session last term.

Abbey and Roshika creating things out of playdough.

Buildings under construction!

Adam drawing, Ahmad and Alex stacking money.

All about shapes!

In maths we learned all about 2D and 3D shapes. We learned that 2D shapes are flat and 3D shapes are fat. We practised stacking 2D shapes to make 3D shapes, we identified lots of 2D and 3D shapes in our classroom and school environment and we did LOTS of building with our shapes. We even built Mr Stafford a playground!!

building Mr Stafford a playground!

Abdullah using 2D shapes to build a 3D tower!

2D people!

Finding and naming 3D shapes that have the same number of sides.

Finding shapes that stack.

Experimenting with shapes that stack and roll.

Zayan used 3D shapes to build a very realistic house!

All I can say is that in 1B, we LOVED learning about shapes. We even learned some new shapes such as a rhombus and we learned some big words, like vertices.

Yarrabee’s Yesterday World 1/2 Excursion

On Thursday 28th April 2017 the 1/2 classes and the EAL class went to Yarrabee’s Yesterday World. We were transported back 100 years and experienced what life was like back then. The boys had to have their shirts tucked in, no one was allowed to have their hands in their pockets and the adults were all called ‘Mam’. We began the day in an assembly where everyone had to stand to attention and sing God Save the King.

We saw what houses were like back then and learned that there was no electricity or running water. The students were showed how they did everyday things such as cook toast and how they made telephone calls.

We then spent time in a classroom where we did a writing lesson. We didn’t write on paper with a pencil like we would today. Instead we have a piece of slate and lead to write with. After our writing lesson we had to use our spit to clean the board! No blackboard/white board erasers for the students to use! The students were shown how they would have been punished if they were doing the wrong thing in class. 100 years ago, if students were talking when they weren’t supposed to they were made to poke their tongues out and hold them, coining the phrase “hold your tongue”. If students’ still weren’t listening they were made to stand with their noses pressed against the board. If a student got the lowest mark in their weekly test they were made to wear a dunce’s hat and stand facing the wall!!

During lunch times the students got to play with home made stilts out of cans and string and skipping ropes. After class the students got to play egg and spoon races and pancake flip races; games that were played in the olden days.

1/2 and the EAL student’s were fully immersed into what life would have been like 100 years ago. They learned a lot of things and loved their experience. Although I’d say there were very glad to be able to go home to their houses with electricity, running water, and Ipads!

Satchel’s that all students had.

Mohammed in his olden day clothes and braces

Classroom from the 1900’s

Pancake flip races are harder than they thought!

Pancake flip race

Holding their tongues because they were talking

Abdullah showing us one way that they used to wear the satchel

Typical bathroom in the 1900’s

Typical bedroom in the 1900’s

Blackboards. There were two in the classroom. One for the younger years and one for the older years. There were students from grade 1 to grade 8 in one classroom!

Horse and cart

Hawazin wearing the dunce’s cap.


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