Do you like maths? Yes or No questions

The statistics and probability maths strand for foundation states that the students need to be able to answer Yes or No questions. When marking the roll I like to take that time to get the students to do things related to their work. I might ask them to tell me a word that starts with a letter we have learned, or give them a word and they need to tell me the letter it starts with. This week I have been focusing on yes or no questions. When I call each name that student answers the question with yes or no. Then, as a class we read the data and decide if more people answered yes or no to a question. We practice our counting by counting the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ columns. I find this a fantastic and fun way to slip in a little extra maths.

The kids weren’t sure what flavour salt and vinegar chips were until I said the ones in the pink or purple packet. Now they all know what salt and vinegar chips are…turns out this is a great way to teach new vocabulary too.


I knew I liked my class for a reason. Red is my favourite colour also.


If the student’s said ‘yes’ they needed to tell me what sort of a pet they have. An excellent way to build their oral language skills.

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