Arrrrrrrrrrrgh me hearties, it’s pirate week!!

It’s been pirate week in the prep unit this week. We have been learning about the letter arrrrrrrrr (r), following and making maps, following procedures to make pirate ships and then sequencing the steps we took, drawing and describing our pirates and much more. We even had a pirate come and teach for the day. The pesky pirate Captain Black Beard.

See below for all of our pirate adventures!!

The infamous Captain Black Beard taught the class on Tuesday. Miss Yarni ate a piece of her cake so she made her walk the plank. Thankfully for Miss Yarni she is a good swimmer, she was able to swim through the freezing water to get back to her class by Wednesday!


Classroom? What classroom, this here is Miss Yarni’s ship that Captain Black Beard commandeered.


The students followed a procedure to build their own ships. I modelled the steps to build the ship. We discussed the vocabulary of parts of a ship. Here is my ship.

The students hard at work building their pirate ships.


The finished products. It safe to say the enjoyed their first time building a pirate ship.



Earlier this term we have been learning about narratives. We have worked a lot on the character and the setting in the story. The students got a ship and a pirate. Their task was to draw the setting and label their ship and pirate. Get your telescope out and view the finished products.

I’ve just realised that shape that I’ve put the posters up resembles a ship. I definitely did that on purpose….


The wonderful Mrs Selamet came into our class one day and modelled how to teach functional grammar. Functional grammar is the way in which sentences should be written. We were focusing on noun groups; a word or group of words that are used to describe a noun. Using noun groups makes our writing far more interesting. I took a leaf out of Mrs Selamet’s book and did a very similar lesson. We had already brainstormed vocabulary on how a pirate looks. I started the lesson by teaching the students how to draw a pirate. Then I added my detail. The students went off and drew their own pirates and added as much detail as they could. Then myself and Rose and a teacher’s aide in training went around and asked the students to describe their pirates and we wrote down the noun group they they used. We came to the floor and built noun groups to describe my pirate on the board. I gave the students the sentence starter of ‘My pirate has’ and their next challenge was to go and write at least 1 sentence using a noun group from their pirate drawing. The results are fantastic!!

Here is my pirate and the noun groups that we created as a class.


Taylan doing great work!


Ali’s excellent pirate and sentences.


Abdullah smashing it out of park with his work.


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