Inquiry Projects

In 1B last term we learned all about being sustainable. One thing we learned about was the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling materials so we didn’t have so much rubbish! The students were set a task, in groups they were to reuse recyclable items to build something. They had their thinking caps on and let their imaginations run wild.

Abdullah, Anokin and Nina hard at work adding some finishing touches to their rocket car. 

Yousef, Noor and Alex proudly showing off their creation. They were so happy they had to dab about it.

The finished product.

Aaron, Ahmad, Adam and Weam showing their different creations. 

Friday Fun

In 1B we work very hard all during the week. On Friday afternoons we like to get out our blocks and practice building, draw pictures, play games and just have fun. We don’t call it Friday Fun for nothing. The students get to choose an activity to do (with educational value, of course), I like to put some music on for the kids and we just have plain old fun. The students practice building and stacking, they use their imaginations to draw pictures or write stories, they practice their cooperative skills by working with others and much, much more. Here are some photos taken during a Friday Fun session last term.

Abbey and Roshika creating things out of playdough.

Buildings under construction!

Adam drawing, Ahmad and Alex stacking money.

All about shapes!

In maths we learned all about 2D and 3D shapes. We learned that 2D shapes are flat and 3D shapes are fat. We practised stacking 2D shapes to make 3D shapes, we identified lots of 2D and 3D shapes in our classroom and school environment and we did LOTS of building with our shapes. We even built Mr Stafford a playground!!

building Mr Stafford a playground!

Abdullah using 2D shapes to build a 3D tower!

2D people!

Finding and naming 3D shapes that have the same number of sides.

Finding shapes that stack.

Experimenting with shapes that stack and roll.

Zayan used 3D shapes to build a very realistic house!

All I can say is that in 1B, we LOVED learning about shapes. We even learned some new shapes such as a rhombus and we learned some big words, like vertices.